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NEW 4 Part Series

"The Church Is Not
What It Used To Be"

by Evangelist Mike Heltsley



4 Part Preaching Series on 4 CD's

available for a Love Gift of $15.00


"I Get Excited"

1.I Get Excited
2.After All These Years
3.Love Always Leaves A Mark
4.Holy Ghost
5.Life's Railway To Heaven
6.That Wonderful Name
7.Lord, I'm Coming Home
8.I'll Consider My Source
9.Healing Hands Of Jesus
10.I Am Your Daddy
11.Lift Him Up
12.Until He Was All That I Had (with Billy R. Douglas)




"My Time With You"

01 - My Time With You
02 - I've Come To Worship You
03 - Card Carrying Christian
04 - I Love The LORD
05 - See Those Clouds
06 - Miracle Business
07 - Since I Met You
08 - I'm A Soldier
09 - I Turned To You
10 - Till You Start Walking


"Love Like That"

1.Live By Faith
2.When It Comes To Calvary
3.I Ain’t Going Back To Egypt
4.Turn Around
5.Hallelujah Side
6.Love Like That
7.Borderline Believer
8.Where Could I Go
9.I Saw The Light
10.Let The Blood Do The Talking
11.Medley: Jesus On The Mainline / Since I Laid My Burdens Down
12.Be Thou Near To Me (Duet with Laurie Heltsley)




1. I Just Want Jesus
2. Getting Ready To Go
3. I'm Around
4. All In The Name
5. Faith Moves God
6. Praise The Lord Everybody
7. He Romanced The Stone
8.You Can Make It
9. King's Kid
10. Hell In My Rearview Mirror
11. Something To Shout About

01-It’s All In The Name
02-Just One Word
03-Jesus Is With Me
04-Love Like That
05-Lift Him Up
06-This Is A Job For The Holy Ghost
07-When It Comes To Calvary
08-Turn Around
09-Praise The LORD Everybody
10-Glad I’m Serving A God Who
Never Changes
11-Cloud He’s Coming Back On
12-Turn Another Stone
13-Look Out I’m About To Shout
14-Let The Blood Do The Talking

BONUS Sermon CD included -

"Has Your Walk Changed"


“Jesus Has Time For"

1.Jesus Has Time For You
2.Look Out I'm About To Shout
3.Holy Ghost Blues
4.Just One Word
5.Shouting Time
6.Address Change
7.I’m Glad I'm Serving A God
That Never Changes
8.Brand New Man
9.You Can Have It All
10. If Everybody In This
World Knew Jesus
11.The Cloud He's Coming Back On


"When He Touched Me"

1. Walls of Jericho
2. Excuses
3. I Plead The Blood
4. Help Is On The Way
5. When He Touched Me
6. Winds Of This World (Jesus Is With Me)
7. Thank You Lord
8.The Devil Can't Stand The Sight Of Blood
9. Till They're Gone
10. Turn Another Stone
11. Jesus Will Be What Makes It Heaven For Me
12. Walls of Jericho - (Live Version from VOTL Tabernacle)
13. Winds Of This World (Jesus Is With Me) - (Live Version from VOTL Tabernacle)


"Yesterday & Today”

1. After All (with Tyler Willis)
2. Walking the Waves
3. Yesterday and Today
4. Go Through the Blood
5. Two Winning Hands
6. Almost Persuaded
7. So Much To Thank Him For
8. Gonna Be Leavin'
9. His Hand Reached Further Down
10. This a Job For the Holy Ghost - (Live from Revival at VOTL Tabernacle)

“Mike Heltsley Preaching CDS” – (Love Gift of $5.00 per CD)


“Something Worse Than Going To Hell”

“Neglect Of The Gospel”

"Dangers of Neglecting the Cross"

"Living In The Shadow Of The Cross"

"Asleep In The Light"

"Longing For The Water"

"Empty Vessels"

"Jesus - The Only Name"

"The Word"

"Sin and Its Consequences"

"The Lord Shall Fight For You"

"No Good Thing Will He With Hold From You"

"The King Still Has One More Move"

"Putting Your Faith Into Action"

"It's Time For Your Breakthrough"

"All Things Work Together For Good"

"You Need The Baptism In The Holy Ghost"

"How Do You See Your Giant: Dangerous or Valuable?"

"Are You A Threat To The Devil?"

"Now Know I That The LORD Saveth His Anointed"

"I Surrender All"

"Spiritual Sanitation"

"The Glory is Departed"

"The Fire Shall Ever Be Burning"

"Cowards In The Pulpit"

"God Bless America, Land That I Love"

"And He Preached The Word Unto Them"

"What The Bible Says About Self-Worth" Sister Laurie Heltsley

"What The Word of God Says About Money"

"Are You Warming Your Hands By The Wrong Fire?"


"Living A Lifestyle Of Forgiveness"

"Wake Up Before You Fall Out The Window"

"What Time is it Church? Time to Grow Up!"

"Standing For The One True Faith"

"The Devil Wants You"

"The Valley of Weeping"

"Forget Not All His Benefits"

"Believe Not Every Spirit"

"Free At Last"

"I Will Bless The Lord At All Times"

"Send His Word"

"In Everything Give Thanks"

"Veterans of the Faith"

"I Know The Plans I Have For You" by Sister Laurie Heltsley

"O Faithless Generation"

"Do You Want a Blessed Life? Then Obey the Word of God"

"Pray Without Ceasing"

"Are We Listening For God?"

"I Hear The Sound Of An Abundance Of Rain"

"The Valley of Baca"

“What The Word Of God Says About The Transgender Issue"

"What Must I Do To Be Saved?"

"We Are Delivered From The Law Because of the Cross of Christ"

"Watchman What Of The Night"

"What Is An Evangelist?"

"Master, Carest Thou Not That We Perish?"

"The Dangers of The Doctrine of Demetrius"

"Is Christ Divided?"

"The Path To Spiritual Ruin"

"The Rapture of the Church"

"Did Not Our Heart Burn Within Us?"


"We Need The Holy Ghost"

"Why Should The Work Cease?"

"Do We Have Spiritual Amnesia?"

"Little is Much When God Is In It"

"The Devil Sets Traps"

"Be Still And Know That I Am God"

"Thank Him For The Bad Times"

"True Worship"

"Count It All Joy"

"Has Your Walk Changed"

"The Lip Gate"

"Gods Got Your Back"

"God Always Keeps His Word To Us"

"The Breath of Life"

"When We Get Down to Nothing God is Up To Something"

"Keep Christ in Your Home"

"The Only Hope For America"

"What The Rich Man Saw In Hell"

"The Busyness Trap"

"The Sleeping Church"

"The Message of the Cross"

"Enemies of the Cross of Christ"

"It's Dangerous To Neglect The Cross"

"The Simplicity That Is In Christ"

"There’s Strange Fires Being Offered Up"

"The Old Paths"

"It's Time To Take Off The Mask"

"Lovest Thour Me More Than These?"

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